shrink away

shrink away
фраз. гл.
1) сжиматься, уменьшаться

She shrank away with horror. — Она вся сжалась от ужаса.

2) (shrink away from) избегать (чего-л.); уклоняться от какого-л. дела

Don't shrink away from danger. — Не уклоняйся от опасности.

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  • shrink — shrink1 [ ʃrıŋk ] (past tense shrank [ ʃræŋk ] or shrunk [ ʃrʌŋk ] ; past participle shrunk [ ʃrʌŋk ] ) verb * 1. ) intransitive to become smaller in size: Do you think this dress will shrink if I handwash it? Many people shrink in old age. a )… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • shrink — I UK [ʃrɪŋk] / US verb Word forms shrink : present tense I/you/we/they shrink he/she/it shrinks present participle shrinking past tense shrank UK [ʃræŋk] / US or shrunk UK [ʃrʌŋk] / US past participle shrunk UK [ʃrʌŋk] / US * 1) a) [intransitive] …   English dictionary

  • shrink — shrink1 [ʃrıŋk] v past tense shrank [ʃræŋk] past participle shrunk [ʃrʌŋk] [: Old English; Origin: scrincan] 1.) [I and T] to become smaller, or to make something smaller, through the effects of heat or water ▪ I m worried about washing that… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • shrink — [[t]ʃrɪ̱ŋk[/t]] shrinks, shrinking, shrank, shrunk 1) VERB If cloth or clothing shrinks, it becomes smaller in size, usually as a result of being washed. All my jumpers have shrunk. 2) V ERG If something shrinks or something else shrinks it, it… …   English dictionary

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  • shrink — 1 verb past tense shrank past participle shrunk /Sr k/ 1 (I, T) to become smaller or to make something smaller through the effects of heat or water: Hot water shrinks woollen clothes. | Will it shrink if I wash it? see also: pre­shrunk, shrunken… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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